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Step 1: Create a new ASP.NET MVC Empty Project using Visual Studio.

This example shows that Best 5 Ways To Set Default In ASP.NET MVC

Add new Layout.cshtml into shared folder. Add references of Kendo, CSS, and JavaScript into this Layout.cshtml

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Best 5 Ways to Set Default Values In MVC</title>
    <link href="~/Content/Site.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="~/Scripts/kendo.modernizr.custom.js"></script>
        <div class="content-wrapper">
            <div class="float-left">
                <p class="site-title" style="color:#ff0000">@Html.ActionLink("", "", "")</p>
            <div class="float-right">
                    <ul id="menu">
                        <li>@Html.ActionLink("Home", "Index", "Home")</li>
                        <li>@Html.ActionLink("About", "About", "Home")</li>
                        <li>@Html.ActionLink("Contact", "Contact", "Home")</li>
    <div id="body">
        @RenderSection("featured", required: false)
        <section class="content-wrapper main-content clear-fix">

        <div class="content-wrapper">
            <div class="float-left">
                <p>&copy; @DateTime.Now.Year - My Telerik MVC Application</p>

Step 2: Create a model as bellow

public class Person
        private DateTime _SetDefaultDate = DateTime.Now;

        public DateTime UserDefaultDate
                return _SetDefaultDate;
                _SetDefaultDate = value;

        public int Id { get; set; }
        public string Name { get; set; }
        public string Address { get; set; }
        public int PinCode { get; set; }

Step 3: In HomeController for Action Method Index pass new object of our model.

  public class HomeController : Controller
        public ActionResult Index()
            TempData["name"] = "Rupesh Kahane";
            ViewData["address"] = "Pune";
            ViewBag.pinCode = "411027";
            return View(new Set_Default_Values.Models.Person());

Step 4: Create View for our Action Method & write bellow code into it.

@model Set_Default_Values.Models.Person
    ViewBag.Title = "Index";
    Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";
<script src="~/Scripts/jquery.validate.min.js"></script>
<script src="~/Scripts/jquery.validate.unobtrusive.min.js"></script>

<h2 style="margin-left:15%">Best 5 Ways To Set Default In MVC</h2>

<br />
Set Default Date using Model :
@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.UserDefaultDate)
<br />
Set Default Id using Javascript :
@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Id)
<br />
Set Default Name using TempData :
@Html.TextBox("Name", @TempData["name"])
<br />
Set Default Name using ViewData :
@Html.TextBox("Address", @ViewData["address"])
<br />
Set Default Name using ViewBag :
@Html.TextBox("PinCode", (string)ViewBag.pinCode)

    $(document).ready(function () {

Step 5: Now Run the application & you will get result as


In this article, you learned the basics of Best 5 Ways To Set Default In ASP.NET MVC

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Best 5 packers and movers company in India.

Best five packers in India

Hiring a packers and movers company is very sensitive as you are going to give your valuable belonging to a company for shifting, as well as money also. The funny thing about a packers and movers company is they will take your whole valuable and household goods and service charges also. So they may take your money and goods and go away. However, it is a part of the jock, but some cases are there in Bangalore where Packers had disappeared with goods. So hiring a packer and mover in India must be very important for a person who is relocating.
In order to find packers and movers, you may sear on Google and thousands of results will appear some are organic and some are paid advertising. You can see some banner or call to service helpline no like just dial or ask me, but the big question is are they trusted company and shift your goods safely?
In this blog, I am giving you 5 five pacers and movers list, which would be best for you. We did some RND on the basis of pricing, service quality, customer review, certification, safety goods, security, insurance of goods and some other real time factors to give you the best service option. So take a long breath and have a cup of tea and let’s begin.

1-Angel Packers and movers:
This is a 2011 established company and one of the India’s largest packers movers and transport company. It has branches all over India, but its main branches are located in Pune and Bangalore. Angel Packers and Movers Bangalore is one of the most trusted, safe Packers as per customer review. It has its own infrastructure and advanced equipment to give a smooth and safe service.
  • Free quotation.
  • 15-30 days free ware house service is also available.
Contact details of Angel Packers and movers:

2-Packers and movers Rates:
This is a Pune based company having its offices and warehouse all over India. This company is able to have more than five thousand customers and service 500+ corporate merchant. Recently this company opens it’s another operation office in Bangalore to reach more customers and expand its service. This is an ISO certificated and UGI approved company. It has the flexibility of intercity shifting, domestic shifting, national shifting and international shifting service. It has some additional feature and service option than Angel packers and movers. As this is one of the leading company this
  • Free quotation.
  • 15-30 days free ware house service is also available.
  • Discount coupon and offer deals.

Content details of Packers and movers Rates:
  • Website-
Pune Head Office -
Bangalore Head Office-
  • Mob- 9503716848
  • Email-
  • Address- No-3, SVS Bhagyashhri Height, Sangam Nagar, Old Sangvi Pune, Maharashtra-411027

Packers and movers from Bangalore:
This is basically a Bangalore based company, but offering services in most of the major city and metro city in India. It helps you to find top 3 service provider in your locality. It will directly not giving you the service but help you to find top 3 packers and movers in Bangalore and other major cities.
  • Free quotation.
  • 15-30 days free ware house service is also available.
  • Discount coupon and offer deals.

Content details of Packers and movers from Bangalore:
  • Website-
  • Mob- 8796571066
  • Email-
  • Address- #1001, kesava murthy, siddartha extension, near kadugodi railway gate, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka-560067

First Packers and movers Pune:
This is a leading company and excellent packers and movers company in terms of price, reliability, and service. Although it is a start-up company able to achieve fame in a short period of time due to its excellent service.
  • Free quotation.

Content details of First Packers and movers:

Cloud Packers and Movers:
Cloud packers and movers is very young but dedicated packers and movers in Bangalore. It follows all the safety protocols to make your good safe till destination. Taking genuine price and delivering best service is one of the most important points you must consider. This shifting company helps you to relocate all type of goods such as household goods, official goods, corporate shifting, industrial goods, fragile goods and other goods. If you are looking for perfect movers who can take the responsibility of delivering goods in safe, securely and timely than Cloud Movers and packers is the best option.
  • Free quotation.
  • Free Warehouse
  • 30 days free ware house service is also available.
Content details of Cloud Packers and movers:
Mob- 8105600621

This will help you get a right service. If you read carefully you can find one common free service which is a free quotation, so you can call or inquiry all of them for a free quotation. Hope fully this will helps thank you.

Monday, 18 January 2016

5 Best Fact About Web Hosting you should know before purchasing a web hosting plan.

If you are a website owner or looking for a web hosting plan in India than here is 8 pictures with information which will give you a brief knowledge about web hosting process and its mechanism.

So lets begin !!!

5 web hosting fact
web hosting fact and tips
web hosting fact 1
web hosting fact 2
web hosting fact 3
web hosting fact 4
web hosting 5
best 5 for India thanks
Hopefully this 5 web hosting tips will help you to choose a good Web Hosting Plan for your website need.

Happy Hosting.

Monday, 23 November 2015

5 Small Business secret Marketing Tactics You have not heard yet !

 There are tons of marking tricks and tactics are available in the market. Most of us know the basic marketing concept and if I am not wrong, you are a marketing expert as you are reading my blog. Your effort had brought your business from nothing to a small business and now “what” ?
You already know that an effective marketing can lead your business to your desired destination and probably you know all the basics as well.
Here is a check list for your small business, you very much aware of that:
  • Where and when to start
  • Understand the market need
  • Value to Customer
  • Business Transparency
  • Pre-planing to avoid fail
  • Right marketing strategy with your limited budget
  • Time for go online

However the world is getting digitalized, customers are attracted towards online. So for every business internet had become the main source of customer. For a better performance in online marketing you most take care of:
  • Web site content
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Marketing analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Build a network
  • Easy navigation
  • User-friendly website
  • Search engine friendly
  • Optimize your website

Now if you are missing something from the above, do it now. Apart from this here is 5 useful tips for your business you must look into. This 5 formula will give a way to come back customer as well as help you to build your own business brand.

Start Blogging:
Content marketing is a very effective marketing for any business. You can explore your product to customer with valuable information about your offer. The more valuable information you provide in blog the more potential customer you get. Your blog will not only give more traffic to your site, but also it will give you more business. The most important factor is you can start free blogging in the beaning.

Keep your vision clear:
Every website have built with a vision, make your website vision clear to your customer. Make your website easy to understand and easy to navigate. Also we know our society lives in an increasingly visual society. People are like visual more than anything. Use more images to explain your vision. You could have researched about infographics where a visual chat flow will explain about a topic with very little content. Trust me, this will attract more customer to your website.

Keep your eye everywhere:
If you want to be a daddy player your business industries then you have to focus on all types of network and platform no matter if they are small or big. Let's consider social media, which is a great source of potential traffic and defiantly and have an official page for your business such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Pintrest but what about small social networking such as Disqus, Xing, Renren, Snapchat, Tumblr etc. Lots of users are available on these platforms so you can reach for them as well as increase your brand value also. Never forget YouTube to publish video of your business. Apart from the social media spotlight at press release, forum, article, local listing, classified, sites and last but not in list online directories. Some time blog commenting on your niche will help you to get more customer.

Know your competitor:
In every business the main obstacle will be your competitor, but turns them into your most powerful tool. Yes, you can analyse your competitor business techniques to know the market and how they are getting business. However, if you will not chase your competitor then they may take your money.

Inventing new ideas to make your business brand viral:
This is our last but most efficient way to grow your business so does your brand value. Sometime an eye catching image or video can be viral, which is a very good sign for your business. Innovative ideas and advertise method can fulfill your business dream. Companies are paying Lakhs and crores to purchasing ideas, if you have some innovative business idea then just apply it.

You may have a sound knowledge about marketing, but never assume that you know everything about marketing, you have to still learned a lot about marketing. Always do some RnD about your business to get more effective result. Take out most of your time for your business.
Best of Luck !!!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Best 5 web hosting control panel for all time.

For every web hosting control panel is a first element we must conscious about. Few people rejected web hosting service from a service provider as they didn't get their desire management panel. Before we explore the topmost five hosting control panel lets understand the mechanism of hosting control panel.

Hosting Control Panel:

Every hosting providers assassin a managed control panel to their customer, to manage the hosting server to upload, download and edit the website files.
A control panel is a web-based interface provided by the hosting providers that allow customers to manage their various hosted services in a single place. Some of the commonly available modules in most control panels: Access to server logs. Details of available and used web-space and bandwidth.

The main purpose of providing hosting control panel is to create a user-friendly environment to manage the web server. If your control panel is hard to operate or very confusing to understand, then it could make you uneasy to manage web files. Having a complete website includes lots of elements such as web pages, database, email, add-ons, complicated script and a control panel will allow you to manage access to these elements.
control panel

There is an unexpected number of web hosting control panel are available in the market and used by web hosting providers. Few control panels are very popular due to it's easy option and user-friendly nature. However, here is 5 best control panel list for India, which you must look at your web hosting.

Plesk Controll Panel

Like many web hosting control panel Plesk is one famous for its simple to understand function and supported for both windows and Linux web hosting. It gives a similar feel and looks of windows XP. The user interface of Plesk is very clear and simple to navigate. You can manage websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through this panel. Plesk installs custom versions of or manages versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases (Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine under Windows), Apache Tomcat Java platform server, and Cold Fusion server. Considering no#1 control panel for its popularity, functionality and compatibility.

cPanel for hosting

cPanel is also one of the most popular and user friendly control panel used by most of the hosting providers. It has many simple features and option for which it has become a better choice by many people. It doesn't have a windows XP look, but still it has a simple, user friendly interface. The most important part is it has lots of video tutorial and half full video to make users work easy.
With so many advantages and features most of the hosting providers providing free cPanel to their user with hosting plan. Considering cPanel as a 2nd best control panel for its popularity and functionality.

Control panel view of vDeck

Still now we are still sticking with the solo purpose control panel, but vDeck is a multi purpose control that deals with best and simplicity functionality. Currently vDeck is running on 4th generation. This service gives you more simple functionality and totally redesign structure on its every update.

The 4th generation of the vDeck control panel can be easily handled by a web beginner also. It has a very good help forum to share your issue and problems with other vDeck user, as well as providing documentation and tutorials to make your work more simpler. Considering 43rd most popular control panel for its redesign capability and easy to understand functionality.

View of H-shpere control panel

H-Shpere is providing services from 1998, but later in September 2007 acquired by Parallels, Inc. it is available for all types of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and Ubantu can be conflict with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

However, this control panel is providing advanced technology with multi server cluster setups. It is a bit difficult to operate for beginners. Providing some most advance features and making the control panel difficult and not necessary for most of the customers. It is considered as 4th best control panel for the web element management.

customer view of directadmin control panel
This is not so confusing like H-Sphere but the interface is not designed so beautifully. Icons and graphics are not so good as other upper control panel. But it has very clean and easy navigation interface for experienced person. In-fact it has very straight forward option available to operate. However, this is considered as 5th best control panel in this blog.

Apart from this you can find some other control panel having some good functionality compare to others. But in this article we had classified the control panel in overall features and functionality. Some other control panel such as Interworx, Cube Panel, Ensim Pro, Helm, iadmin, InterWorx, InsPanel, ISPmanager, Lxadmin, vSacs and Xpanel are available in the market. However, few are commercial and few are open source and some are GPL.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

5 Best Web Hosting Service Providers India in 2015.

5 Best Web Hosting Service Providers India in 2015.

Web hosting a technology by which we can keep our sites in the internet and make it accessible by everyone in the world. You can find tons of web hosting company providing service with a pathetic service. Companies are getting customer by various affiliate marketing and making them fail. If you search for a web hosting for your website then it not so headache task to find a good service provider. Your little effort can make you away form life time headache in terms of web hosting.

A good quality web hosting will give you above average performance with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Some website owners trap by the attractive advertisement and discounted price of hosting company leads to the worse part of the website performance. Friend money is not always a parameter to choose a hoster.
In this article I am going to mention 5 Best Web Hosting Company details in India, but before that technical specification and requirement you must find in your hosting providers.

Hosting Specification you must found in your hosting provider:
The vbery first thing you must think web space, as your site need some space in the internet. Apart from website pages, the graphics such as image, video and audio you are using on the site and the traffic will go to get your site will be considerable for your hosting requirement. You must look for a hosting plan which will provide you more space than your site requires.

Get satisfied with the technical support not in terms of your service provider commitment, but calling him as anonymous in holiday or late night. Obviously you must look for 24/7 support service.

Your service provider may assure you 99.9% uptime, but 99.8% also makes a big difference. Take the help of the internet find the reputation the company and then get assured.

And never forget the security and safety feature of the hosting as you are keeping your valuable with your hoster.

List of affordable web hosting service providers in India for 2015

This company was established in 1999 and it is a division of Hostin Services Pvt Ltd. The head office of this company is located in Mumbai, known as the business city of India. Currently this company is holding more then 17000 customer mostly in India few are globally. Almost proving all types of web hosting service, including Shared, Dedicated, VPS and email hosting. This company has multiple customized hosting plan, especially design for Indian market.
visit hostindia

This company was founded in 2002 by a single person and by 2008 hundreds of employee started working. This is the fastest growing company till 2009. In India, this company had multiple user to whom this company providing hosting services. Price is also very stranded with multiple discount and offers provided in the internet.
visit hostgator

This company was provided hosting service from 1999. If you are looking cheap and affordable hosting service then this will be a great option. If you want to earn this company also having affiliate programming, anyone can participate.
Providing a customized cPanel and 24x7 support service. If you have a small project to work on then this is recommendable.
visit godaddy

 Canada based private company founded in 2005. If you are looking for a shared based company this is will give an end to your search. With a short period of time this company had built a good reputation and customer in globally. This company had multiple hosting plan customized for a variety of customers.
visit hostpapa

 This a very old company founded Founded by Matt Heaton in 1996. This USA based company has multiple partner company help to hosting more than 1.9 million domains over the globe. This company is providing few important web elements and tool in free such as some domain extension and website builder. It is also one of the fastest growing company in web hosting industries.
visit bluehost

However, this is my 1st blog in this blog site. May be few companies are providing grateful service, then this company, but I personally found this company are good in web hosting industries. Please guide me if I am forgetting to mention any company name.
Comments are welcome...